Connecting Pregnancy Groups

For clients that have already been assigned a group:

Your first few appointments are done one-on-one with a doctor or midwife. Around 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy, you will be invited to join a Connecting Pregnancy (CP) group with approximately ten other women and their partners who are due to have their baby the same month as you. The CP groups are nine two-hour sessions facilitated by a doctor or midwife alongside one of our nurses from 4:15-7pm.

The groups are initially held once a month, then every two weeks. At each group session you will have a few minutes (“the belly check”) with the doctor/midwife for a check-up. If there are complications requiring a private one-on-one visit, this is booked outside the CP group. You will learn about important issues related to pregnancy and birth such as: nutrition and exercise during pregnancy, back care from a physiotherapist, relaxation and comfort measures for labour, the birthing process, what to expect in the hospital, pain management options, breastfeeding and infant care, plus several DVDs on birth and babies. Our doula coordinator Jalana comes to the group to talk about our doula program, and the support doulas provide. The group setting allows you more time to ask questions, discuss concerns and is also a great opportunity to meet other pregnant women, make friends and share ideas.

The fee for this program is $300 which includes for you and your partner or support person. If you would like to participate in the group care, but are experiencing financial need, please speak with our administration staff about payment plans.

If you have already confirmed your spot in a Connecting Pregnancy Group and please pay by credit card below.

***Please note the client’s name and CP group when making payments.***

If you would like to participate in the group care, but are experiencing financial need, please speak with our administration staff.

If you choose not to attend the CP group, you will continue your care one-on-one throughout your pregnancy with a doctor and/or midwife.

The South Community Birth Program also offers several regular workshops to assist you during your pregnancy and birth
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The CP model of care

Childbirth education and preparation is also included in these sessions and you will have a chance to talk about your pregnancy, birth plans, and learn how to care for your newborn baby. In the group setting you often hear that other pregnant women are experiencing the same thing as you! This model of care is based on the Centering Pregnancy (CP) concept, established in 1994 by a U.S. midwife, Sharon Schindler Rising. Incorporating assessment, support, and education, the program alters routine prenatal care by bringing women out of exam rooms and into groups for their care. This concept has been so successful that it has recently morphed into the Centering Healthcare Institute, promoting group care across the life cycle. For more information about this innovative healthcare model of group health care go to

For midwives, physicians and nurses interested in the Connecting Pregnancy model that has been developed in Canada, please contact us for more information about our training program.

The CP group meets regularly for 2 hours at the same time and day throughout your pregnancy. Since you know well ahead of time when your group will meet, you can plan your schedule around these dates and times. There are 10 sessions in total covering:

  • Healthy nutrition for pregnancy
  • Exercise during pregnancy
  • Tips for a healthy and comfortable pregnancy
  • Relaxation and comfort measures for labour
  • The stages of labour
  • Possible interventions and pain relief during labour
  • The birth experience
  • Sharing birth stories
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn care
  • Parenting issues