Meet The Team Night

At South, you will get to know your Connecting Pregnancy group facilitator very well, as the majority of your prenatal care will be done by the doctor or midwife facilitating your group. This continuity with one provider is very good for your care, ensuring that it is comprehensive and that your individual needs are met. Your history and plans for the birth of your baby are communicated to all of the doctors and midwives who may be on-call to attend you during labour and the birth of your baby. While all of the care providers share the same philosophy of care and discuss all birth plans on a daily basis, we want you to feel comfortable with our entire team. So we hold “Meet the Team” (MTT) events every month, in the Connecting Pregnancy room at South.

For example, if your baby is due to arrive in March, you will be invited to attend this the MTT event in January and February, before your due date. All of the doctors and midwives (who are not at a birth (!) or on vacation) attend MTT, along with our doula coordinator, Jalana. We have a Q&A panel - please ask us any and all questions. We promise to answer anything you ask us.


It is a fun event held every month in the Connecting Pregnancy room at 202-1193 Kingsway, from 5:30pm to 6:15pm. You will receive an invitation to attend when your due date is approaching.

THE NEXT MEET THE TEAM NIGHT IS CANCELLED for March 25 Everyone due to have their baby in April, May, & June is welcome to attend and meet the team! The following MEET THE TEAM night is April 23th is TBD (due to COVID-19). Everyone due to have their baby in May, June & July is welcome to attend!


SCBP - Connecting Pregnancy room - 202-1193 Kingsway, Vancouver BC